Pasta and soups

€5.20 (tax incl.)
Gluten free pasta Tagliolini250 g - High quality italian pasta
€5.20 (tax incl.)
Gluten free pasta Maccheroni250 g - High quality italian pasta
€5.20 (tax incl.)
Gluten free pasta Fusilli 250 g - High quality italian pasta
€28.85 (tax incl.)
Spelt pasta 0,5 kg, 6 pcs.
€22.60 (tax incl.)
Mixed flavored pasta 0.5 kg 6 pcs. Different types.
€21.92 (tax incl.)
Flavored pasta 0.5 kg 6 pcs. Different types.Chili, garlic, parsley.
€3.22 (tax incl.)
Paccheri Pasta RomeoDifferent sizes.
€3.13 (tax incl.)
€2.69 (tax incl.)
Ditaloni Pasta RomeoDifferent sizes
€2.69 (tax incl.)
Mezze penne Pasta RomeoDifferent sizes.
€2.69 (tax incl.)
Maccheroni Pasta RomeoDifferent sizes.
€2.69 (tax incl.)
Italian pasta PennetteDifferent sizes
€2.69 (tax incl.)
€2.69 (tax incl.)
Casarecce Pasta RomeoDifferent sizes
€2.21 (tax incl.)
Ricciarelle Pasta Romeo250 g
€2.69 (tax incl.)
Linguine Pasta Romeo500 g
€2.69 (tax incl.)
Spaghetti Pasta Romeo500 g
€3.65 (tax incl.)
Italian whole grain Pasta Paccheri500 g
€3.65 (tax incl.)
Italian whole grain Pasta Calamarata500 g
€3.08 (tax incl.)
Italian whole grain Pasta Maccheroni500 g
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