Azienda Agricola Val di Lama

Azienda Agricola Val di Lama

copertina val di lama

   Organic farm

The Val di Lama Farm is situated on the tuscan hills, near Pisa. The farm produces only 100% organic extra virgin olive oil from traditional tuscan olive varieties. Each oil is made by one variety, so that you can taste a unique, high quality olive oil

Best organic italian olive oil from Tuscany

You can choose among different oils from different tuscan olive varieties. Each of them has unique taste and color.

Cold pressed organic olive oil

High quality extra virgin olive oil is only the cold pressed one. Only with a cold pressing of the olivs respects all the good qualities of the olive and an excellent olive oil.

Here you see the tradition tuscan olive varieties: Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio, Maurino, Mignolo, Pendolino.

varietà oliva toscana


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