Gluten free products

€9.09 (tax incl.)
Sliced organic white Truffle in Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in Tuscany.
€7.27 (tax incl.)
White truffle salt. Produced in Tuscany.40 g
€10.91 (tax incl.)
Organic food speciality with acacia-honey and white truffle. Produced in Tuscany.40 g
€12.73 (tax incl.)
Tuscan food speciality with honey, white truffle and pine nuts.40 g
€13.64 (tax incl.)
Sliced Organic Bianchetto truffle. Produced in Tuscany.40 g
€13.64 (tax incl.)
Organic minced Bianchetto truffle in oil 40 g
€13.64 (tax incl.)
Minced organic black truffle in native olive oil.Produced in Tuscany.40 g
€9.91 (tax incl.)
Organic truffle pesto. Produced in Tuscany.130 g
€5.20 (tax incl.)
Gluten free pasta Tagliolini250 g - High quality italian pasta
€5.20 (tax incl.)
Gluten free pasta Fusilli 250 g - High quality italian pasta
€5.20 (tax incl.)
Gluten free pasta Maccheroni250 g - High quality italian pasta
€12.50 (tax incl.)
€15.18 (tax incl.)
Goose salamiAbout 500 g
€8.64 (tax incl.)
Italian truffle salamiAbout 180 g
€16.35 (tax incl.)
CINTA SENESE SALAMI - Tuscan cured meatAbout 400 g
€6.36 (tax incl.)
Walnut salami
€5.00 (tax incl.)
Fennel salami185 g
€9.09 (tax incl.)
€22.73 (tax incl.)
€11.82 (tax incl.)
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