Bernardini Gastone

Bernardini Gastone

Bernardini Gastone is one of the most appreciated charcuterie company in  Tuscany since over 150 years. Bernardini produces authentic and exclusive tuscan cured meats specialties.

Select raw ingredients, chosen and inspected on site; qualified staff, traditional working methods, and a pinch of our own creativity: it all goes into offering you the very best. Each piece is a story unto itself: skillfully cut by hand, carefully seasoned with spices and herbs, then allowed to age naturally as long as it takes to obtain an exquisite product, created for the most finicky palates.

€6.36 (tax incl.)
€114.75 (tax incl.)
Boneless elk hamAbout 1,9 kg
€181.82 (tax incl.)
€159.09 (tax incl.)
€90.98 (tax incl.)
Boneless Roebuck hamAbout 1,1 kg
€6.36 (tax incl.)
€7.00 (tax incl.)
Chianina meat ragù2 sizes
€22.21 (tax incl.)
Chianina meat ragù sauce 3 pcs.220 g each.
€95.45 (tax incl.)
€12.18 (tax incl.)
Cinta senese ragù (tuscan pig sauce)2 sizes
€16.35 (tax incl.)
CINTA SENESE SALAMI - Tuscan cured meatAbout 400 g
€40.91 (tax incl.)
€44.55 (tax incl.)
Cooked duck ham
€41.18 (tax incl.)
Cooked goose ham About 1,3 kg
€27.27 (tax incl.)
€5.45 (tax incl.)
€20.00 (tax incl.)
€6.36 (tax incl.)
€11.82 (tax incl.)
€22.73 (tax incl.)
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